Camp Rules

When we first opened in 1998, our list of rules was fairly short. Experience has taught us to add a few.

  1. Guests who have not paid in advance using our online shopping cart must pay in US currency upon arrival--exact change preferred.
    We are unlikely to have enough cash to change large bills.
    We do not accept coins, checks or credit cards in payment at the door.
  2. Guests must be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Black Bear Camp is NOT a bath house.
    Guests must respect the privacy and sensibility of other guests.
  4. Don't be a pest.
    If someone spurns your flirtations, then leave them alone.
    Guests who cannot take no for an answer will be escorted from the premises, with no refund.
  5. No drama!
    Guests come here to relax.
    Please create no drama while on the premises.
  6. If you snore loudly, please do not reserve a bunk.
    Consideration of other guests would require you to rent a private room or cabin, or stay in a tent.
  7. Guests may not enter the private room, cabin, RV, tent or bunk of another guest without the permission of that guest.
  8. Day guests may use the play cabin but may not enter the bunk rooms unless invited by an overnight bunk room guest.
  9. To prevent rips in mattress covers, no mattress may be used without a sheet.
  10. When taking photos, be sure to obtain the permission of the person being photographed.
  11. It is ok to kiss, cuddle or hold hands in the presence of other guests.
    All other intimate activity must take place in private.
  12. Guests are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, but unruly behavior is forbidden.
    No staggering drunks!
    If you are in the habit of drinking to the point where someone needs to watch after you, don't come here and expect our guests or staff to be your nursemaids.
  13. No pets allowed unless you are an RV camper.
    Pets may not leave the RV except when being walked on a leash.
  14. This is a retreat, not a bar in the woods.
    Guests who wish to listen to music must use personal devices with ear buds or head phones.
  15. The TV in the lodge may be used after 10 pm ONLY if the volume is turned completely down and closed captioning is turned on.
  16. DO NOT leave valuable items unattended.
  17. No glass containers in the pool or hot tub areas.
    'Coozies' are available for glass bottles by request.
  18. Guests must shower before using the pool or hot tub.
    No one wants to sit in your dirty bathwater!
  19. Because of the danger of splinters when walking barefoot on the porch or sun deck, shower shoes or flip flops are recommended.
  20. Do not leave dirty dishes lying around and do not stack them in the sink and walk away.
    Wash all utensils and dishes you use and place them in the drying rack.
    Clean up any mess you make.
    Guests who ignore this rule will lose their kitchen privileges.
  21. Because of the danger of fire, do not light candles in the lodge, private rooms or cabins.
    Candles may only be used in approved holders!
  22. Do not litter!
    Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground!
  23. No campfires except in designated fire pits.
  24. No firearms allowed!
  25. Use of illegal substances is forbidden.
  26. Illegal activity of any sort is forbidden.
You may download a list of these rules for later reference.

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